Aangenaam! My name is Alisa Rysaeva (a.k.a. Saali) and I am an illustrator with interest in animation, design and digital technologies. 

Ik ben goed in Drawing! From others I like to learn: business and networking. It is one thing to be able to make a good quality art, it is another to know how to earn from making it.

Website behance, you can always go there for inspiration.

Creatief proces The best part of my creative process is when the concept starts to form in my mind. At first you sort of swim in the unknown, but the more you get yourself acquainted with the theme the clearer you understand how to put it in picture. All that remains is just to draw it. And the worst part is the uncertainty in the beginning of the process.

Guilty Pleasure My guilty pleasure is TV series, definitely.

YEDS I’m connected with YEDS because I want to be connected to my colleagues, have a chance to collaborate, and to be able to show my works offline.


Achtergrond  When I was 16 I was already making illustrations for a teen magazine, where I also worked as one of the writers. Later on I have finished a traditional fine arts education in Moscow and also have got bachelor of design and illustration in WDKA in Rotterdam. While I was studying I worked as a video editor, which was a natural starting point for my interest in animation. Lately I worked as an illustrator and a visualizer in a firm, and was also busy with freelance assignments and my own projects.

In opdracht  You can reach me for these assignments/opdrachten: visualizations, animation backgrounds and characters, patterns, posters, covers, portraits. If you need a colorful figurative drawing of anything at all — “I am your man”.|

Werkplek I work from my apartment in Weesp.

Inspiratie  Beautiful, sometimes weird pictures, made with a lot of skill (for instance those of Shaun Tan and Dave McKean).


Jouw bedrijf, huis of evenement verrijken met (deze) kunst?