ane baztarrika - textiel designer/kunstenaar

Via via we meet Ane, who makes te most beautifull parterns on fabric. We invite her to join KEILEFEST and after that got her to join YEDS. Which we are very excited about, because she is a very talented and interesting artist who we would very much love to see shining in Rotterdam.
In this interview she tells a little more about herself. 

Who are you and what do you do?
Hi, I am Ane Baztarrika, a textile designer and artist with a big fascination for Japan and minimal expressive art. I love hand painting and I am currently working on ways to transform the fluidity and subtlety of wash painting into a graphic and minimalistic style.

By who or what is your work influenced?
My work is influenced by many artists, art movements, designers, etc. It’s  hard to name just a few. But my first big influence is inevitably my dad. He is an abstract painter whose work is based on the quality & density of the paint itself and the technique of dripping different colors on big surfaces. His way of approaching art has always been very natural, because of this  I grew up thinking that art is just another way of living.

Also worth to mention here was my early obsession with the impressionist painter Monet when I was 10. I read every book I could find about him (including all the details about his love life!). After that, I got into different little obsessions, namely the expressionist Helen Frankenthaler and her unique technique of throwing paint on untreated canvas. 
A few years ago, I got to learn about zen painting, and through practicing painting bamboo leaves I started exploring its use for graphic patterns. At the moment I am driven to artists that are very physical with their work like Simon Hantaï and his way of folding the canvas before painting it.

What kind of materials and techniques do you prefer to work with?
I have an ever growing collection of brushes, big, small, flat, pointy, bamboo, wood, plastic, natural, synthetic to name a few. Each one creates a different effect which I like experimenting with. Lately I am mostly using flat and wide ones as I found out that, depending on the water density and pressure against the surface, you can create great interesting lines with a single brush stroke.

For painting on paper I adore the smell and intense black of sumi ink, and for textiles I am currently using eco-friendly special inks and paints. However, I am researching about natural vegetal dyes and inks that I could make myself and use for textiles.

Do you listen music while working? And in case it is, what kind of music?
Music is actually another tool for me. I paint patterns with a rhythm and my hand gesture goes accordingly with the music. Sometimes I have to change the music 4 or 5 times until i get the right feeling.
Depending on the task I’m working on, I will put one style or another. To name a few, if I feel emotional I sing along songs like “Piensa en mí” from Luz Casal or “Veinte años” sang by Silvia Perez Cruz, and if I need something warm and peaceful I listen to “Tajabone" by the Senegalese Imael Lo. However, I mostly like working with music I don't know and Reverberation radio , , is perfect for it. It's a DJ collective where a group of  musicians, including the guys from the Allah Las (another band that I really really like), post a weekly podcast of very cool music.

What or who inspires you?
Creative and warm people makes me want to create, discovering great artists makes me feel excited and learning techniques challenges me.

What does your ideal day looks like?
My ideal day is  a focused day, where I set myself a task, I do it and don't even realize about time passing by. Very important detail: a nice and long lunch break with good food and coffee.

Do you have a good advice or lesson you want to share with other artists/designers?
Experiment. Think less and play more. Whenever I spend too much time thinking about a project it becomes more difficult and feels unapproachable. On the other hand, if I just start playing with it... boom! Magic happens.

Ane will be giving a workshop on october the 18th. You can find this event HERE.

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