interview - illustrator en keramist silvia bolognesi

We leren Silvia kennen wanneer we kunst, muziek en eet-festival Keilefest organiseren en ze hier exposeert met prachtig beschilderde keramiek. Blij dat we weer in contact zijn en ze nu ook member is van de YEDS club! Via dit interview stellen we haar graag aan je voor. 

Who are you and what do you do?
I am an Italian designer and illustrator. I collaborate with my illustrations with magazines and websites (mostly Italians) since last year I started to work with clay, which I keep doing a bit in a workshop in Bologna and a little bit in my studio in Rotterdam.

By who or what is your work influenced? 
Certainly by my Illustration teacher at Academy of Fine Arts Chiara Carrer. I look often to folk artists such as Rosseau and Frida Kahlo, as well as Dada artist and modern illustrators and designer.

What kind of materials and techniques do you prefer to work with? 
My preference is for pencils and oil pastel and collage; sometimes I've used only digital, but it didn't really feel like "mine".

Do you listen music while working? And in case it is, what kind of music?
I like to listen to some radio, or some classic music like Opera.

What or who inspires you?
Nature and human being

What does your ideal day look like?
It would start with a good coffee and some cuddling with my cats, a little ride on my bike to my studio and a lot of chaos on my table! 

Do you have a good advice or lesson you want to share with other artists/designers?
Try to be unique, develop your own style/s, be curious and open minded.

What makes you want to join YEDS?
I liked Annejet and Starla from the first time at Keilefest. I felt welcome and appreciate and I love to see them working so passionate.

Meer weten? Neem dan ook even een kijkje bij haar profiel!