interview - schilder Kaili Smith

Maak kennis met Kaili! Deze jonge schilder heeft een vibrant stijl die je niet snel vergeet. In dit interview vertelt hij kort maar krachtig over zijn inspiraties, liefde voor muziek en zijn ideale dag...


Who are you and what do you do? 
My name is Kaili Smith and I am a painter and photographer.

By who or what is your work influenced? 
My work is influenced by the people around me, I travel a lot and most of my work is based of the stories of the people I have met.

What kind of materials and techniques do you prefer to work with? 
I like working on canvas using mainly oil paint but like to add in spray paint, ink or anything else it takes really.

Do you listen music while working? And in case it is, what kind of music?
I ALWAYS listen to music, working or not, people close to me even find it an issue haha... I listen to everything from Kendrick Lamar to Florence and the Machine, the list is too long I won't start.

What or who inspires you?
I think I gather the most inspiration from musicians like the ones mentioned above, even though in most cases there art & message is completely different than mine I always find myself inspired by there work ethics, passion, original sound and the raw honesty and emotion in there work. I try to apply this same principal to my own body of work. Visually I'm most inspired by China's contemporary art movement as well as the American pop art era.

What does your ideal day looks like?
Either I'm in my studio painting from morning to night with a good stock up of snacks, or somewhere far away overseas travelling. I seem to have an extreme balance between the hermit & the explorer, but it is what works for me.

Do you have a good advice or lesson you want to share with other artists/designers?
I'm young so i still need to figure it out, but if there is one thing that has changed my life it is SELF VALUE!

What makes you want to join YEDS?
I like the idea of joining an organisation of liked minded people but who are all in different creative directions. I wouldn't see the point of being in a group of 30 oil painters who all want the exact same thing.

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