interview - illustrator alisa rysaeva

We verwelkomen met veel plezier: illustrator Alisa! Deze enthousiaste en kleurrijke maker nam na het aansluiten bij YEDS bijna gelijk deel aan Keilefest, waar ze samen met Luc Parhan en het publiek monsters illustreerde en hier vervolgens een animatie van maakten. In dit interview geeft ze op energieke wijze antwoord op o.a. de vragen: wie of wat beïnvloedt haar werk? Welk materiaal ze gebruikt ze en hoe ziet haar ideale dag eruit? 

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Alisa (a.k.a. Saali). I am an illustrator with an interest in visualization, animation, design and digital technology. I guess I can call myself an illustrator-explorer — I am always curious to learn new things and skills, and then make use of this knowledge in my projects.

By who or what is your work influenced?
The mood. I always try to catch the mood of the theme I am working with — nice or nasty, sarcastic or bold, “nothing personal” or intimate. If you know the atmosphere that you want to
convey it makes it easy to choose the tools for doing that. There are, of course, many other objective factors that have an influence: work’s objectives, client’s and art director’s wishes, inspiration, time, weather, you name it...

What kind of materials and techniques do you prefer to work with? 
Although I have a very traditional oil painting school background (before I studied design and illustration. I studied traditional drawing and painting), I work mostly digitally nowadays, especially with vector, because it gives me greater control over the lines, and also because it has this “tech” feeling to it which I find attractive. These days even my sketches I make on my Samsung tablet.

Do you listen music while working? And in case you do, what kind of music?
I always like to listen to something while working: music (all sorts, really, classical included), news, discovery documentaries, podcasts with talks about science and art, audio-books (I think they are my favorites in this list!). For example, the latest of my classical music discoveries was Brahms and Philip Glass, and one of the latest audio-books I listened to was a great work of Jared Diamond “Guns, germs and steel” (well, technically speaking, the last one was “Harry Potter” in Dutch, but I am trying to sound smart here :)).

What or who inspires you?
I like to browse through artists’ portfolios on the Internet or in magazines. Looking at all these works of so many talented people out there makes me want to start working immediately, it is very stimulating. One of the Illustrators who doesn’t cease to inspire me is the Australian illustrator Shaun Tan. It is useless to describe what he is doing — just google him, he is amazing.

What does your ideal day look like? 
Well, if I have an exiting assignment on my screen, a nice audio-book in my ears, a cup of strong black tea on my table and a bunch of colleagues working around, than I can call it pretty ideal. It also helps if it is a pay day :) 

Do you have a good advice or lesson you want to share with other artists/designers?
Know your worth and do not ask to be payed less than you deserve. This is a tip that I keep hearing from the colleagues, and I wholeheartedly agree with it. Sadly, many people have the idea that what we do is some sort of hobby that doesn’t deserve to be payed for. I think we should be able to explain and show that our quality takes time and is worth the money.

What makes you want to join YEDS? 
Meeting with other creatives, showing our works, collaborating — that all sounds amazing. I mean, who wouldn’t want to join?

Meer weten over Alisa en haar werk? Check dan haar profiel: Alisa Rysaeva